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Shed VS Garage

Shed VS Garage

Shed VS Garage

Many of our customers at One Day Garage have had an interest in constructing a building purely for storage, and not necessarily for their cars. After all, who couldn’t use more room.

Many customers want to build a small storage building to “take back” their once-beloved empty garage that used to be able to store their two cars. The size range for these storage buildings is typically 8′ x 12′ to 16′ x 20′. The difference between 96 square feet and 320 is significant.

So, the question is, at what point does a large shed become a small garage? In the state of Ohio and Pennsylvania, the answer according to building code is 200 square feet. The means 12′ x 16′ or 10′ x 20′ is the largest shed you can build without adhering to the building and zoning codes mandated for garages, but structurally, what’s the difference?

The primary difference is the garages have footed foundations. Whether they be post footers or block, a garage foundation extends 36″-42″ below grade, so it is not subjected to heaving from the frost line. Sheds are typically built on skids or wooden platforms, sometimes even a 4″ pad of concrete. In either case, if you want value. It’s best to build large sheds and large garages; both are less expensive per foot.


Bonus Room vs. Attic

Bonus Room

Bonus Room vs. Attic

What’s the difference?

Ever notice that when you see most modern day house plays, the bonus room always happens to be directly above the garage? What is a bonus room? How is it different than an attic. How much do they cost?

The attic of any gable or hip roof building is simply the area inside the roof portion of the building. Generally speaking, it is an area designated for insulation of the home and ventilation for your roof. Sizes will vary depending on the size and pitch of the roof. Some attics are large enough and designed strong enough to allow the owner an area for storage with an access panel to get in and out on occasion. When does this attic become an actual room?

When designing the truss for the roof of any area, you may find that by matching the pitch of the house creates an area that is large enough that you want to have easy access to and take full advantage of in the way of a bonus room. Trusses are then engineered to provide the maximum living space while also designed with the same strength engineered for living space in your home. These areas have sub-floors similar to the main home 3/4 tongue and groove for example and are insulated to be finished on the inside walls with drywall or something similar. Pull down stairs or ladders are replaced with a permanent set of steps. In cases of attached garages, provisions are often made to access from the second level with doorways.

We call the Bonus rooms because once you have determined that you want the increased pitch on the garage for whatever reason it may be. The cost to engineer it and finish it is often much less than any other room in your home. Even in cases of unfinished garages, a bonus room can be a great source of cheap storage.


How to Design Your New Deck

Deck Picture

How to Design Your New Deck

When choosing whether to build a deck this spring there are many things to consider.  Let’s focus on some of the more standard options and see what ideas may dictate what kind of outdoor living space to build.

Size: Think about what you’d like to use the deck for. Are you the kind of person who will spend a great amount of time outside on a deck in your backyard. Do you like to cook out?  Will a lot of your family and friend gatherings take place during the spring and summer months when the weather is favorable for an outdoor venue? How much outdoor furniture would you like?

Material: Treated wood vs composite. Both products are fully functional to operate as a deck. The treated woods primary benefit is cost. Although treated lumber is technically maintenance free, that is to say, that it will not rot, keeping a treated deck looking attractive can be a lot of maintenance. Full sun, rain, snow all day and night every day particularly to the top side of the decking is brutal. It only stands to reason you’re going to have some splintering, warping, and checking to the treated lumber over time.

A composite material is a much less maintenance. Occasional cleaning is typically all that is required. Not all composites are the same. It is true when it comes to composites, you get what you pay for. The range in price for composite decking and railing is huge. The total installed price of a composite deck is typically between two to four times more than its treated wood counterpart. The question is then, is it worth it?

Consider this:

Is this deck going to be used generally by adults, sitting on furniture, occasionally for a cookout in the summer? Is this deck going to be used very often by a few people, or maybe occasionally by a large group? Is this the kind of space where children may play, perhaps even with their shoes off? Is this going to be a lounging area between swims in the family pool?

For the same money, am I better off building a treated deck 3 times larger than composite? Or is a small efficient size deck of the higher quality decking make sense due to its frequent use by the family.

As a final note, let me offer a small bit of advice. Covered decks get much more use than open ones. They also last much longer (especially treated). I say this because we are builders. We happen to know, for the difference in price for some composites, we’ve made basic decks into roofed porches. Just something to think about.


Worried about Winter?

Miss One Day Garage Taylor says “Get Ready for the Snow”

Think it’s too late to get a garage built before winter, think again. One Day Garage’s staff has the capacity to build garages quickly and efficiently. We still have openings for November and December but we need to know soon. Estimates are fast and free. Two car garages can be built as quickly as just a few days, even with concrete floors. Take advantage of our most current coupons and call for an estimate today.


When should I get a Block Foundation?

One Day Garage Custom Garage Build

When should I get a Block Foundation?

There are many different types of foundation systems to choose from when building a garage.  Some people are familiar with different types, and some are not.  The foundation choice you make should depend on the type of building, the size of the building, and what function you want the building to serve.

This first blog discusses the block foundation.  This classic foundation is durable, is always permitted by code in our area, and is flexible in design to meet any grade issues or strength issue you may have.  It has for years been regarded as the gold standard when done properly, but it usually carries the largest price tag of garage foundations.

One Day Recommends this foundation system for three very popular scenarios when building.  Number one, any garage that is attached to a dwelling (home) should be designed in the same fashion as the house it attaches to.  It most areas code requires it, but not all.  A continuous footer will behave in the same ways during the freeze/thaw cycle as the block it is attached to.  Connected roof lines will not shift or move independently to cause unwanted leaks.  And the building itself can be adjusted to almost any height to allow for wall attachments and roof lines to meet in the most attractive way and not be problematic for the carpenters or the homeowner.

Number two, cases in which the inside concrete floor height is very different than the surrounding backfilled grade of the building.  For example, if where your building is built slopes more than a foot or two to the rear, to the front, or side to side, your back filled building is going to need dug out or filled in.  This difference in pressure causes reinforcement to be needed.  Sometimes the strength of the block itself is enough.  Often times coring and rebar are required.  The Lego-like stacking of block with hollow cores that can be reinforced allow this foundation to function at any level.  In addition, varying size of the block is also available in more extreme cases.

Third, if your garage is to have any brick or stone accents other than composite materials, the block foundation works as also a ledge for future brick or stonework.

If you have questions about different foundation options, please feel free to call the office. We would love to answer your questions.


Now Taking Orders for Spring

Block Foundation

Now Taking Orders For Spring

With the Elusive Spring finally around the corner, we are looking forward to making some great buildings. Now is definitely the time to lock in a price and schedule a build date.

Getting signed up to have a new garage built is easy at One Day Garage.  All it takes is a phone call to our office, an email, or a visit to our showroom. Our friendly sales staff will discuss your ideas for whatever project you may want to have done this Spring. Everything is custom built.  Garages, decks, Florida rooms, sheds, whatever you have in mind, our consultations and estimates are always free.  We’ll walk you through the process step by step.

With only a 10% deposit and financing available, why wait for a garage any longer?  Get the storage you need, Increase your living space, and  Increase the value of your home.


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