Are you still dreaming of the garage you’ll have “one day”? Why dream when you can wake up to a beautiful new garage tomorrow? One Day Garages has you (and your vehicles) covered. We are fast, efficient and cost-effective, and will design a garage to meet your specific needs and budget.

Based in Hubbard, One Day Garages have been sprouting up around northeastern Ohio and western Pennsylvania since 1974. Chances are, you’ve driven by one or many of our finely crafted structures in your own neighborhood. We bring 40 years of experience to building custom garages, home additions and other structures throughout Pennsylvania, the West Virginia Panhandle and, of course, in our home state of Ohio.

We serve Northeastern Ohio, Western Pennsylvania & Northern West Virginia

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We invite you to contact us regarding your next construction project. We promise to bring it in at the best price with the best quality and value you’ll find anywhere!


Working with us offers our customers many advantages:

We’re fast. While we can construct some garages in 24 hours, as our name implies, larger scale projects do require more time. Either way, our crew always works fast and time-efficiently.

Were cost-effective. Because we do a large volume of projects every year, we can keep our costs down while still offering the best quality in the industry. We are proof that it’s possible to sell a top-notch product for less through volume. We save our customers money by passing along factory direct pricing, and we maintain our own staff of builders to assure the most efficient, least wasteful way to construct each project.

We are family owned and operated. One Day Garages has been “in the family” for 40 years, which adds up to a lot of experience in construction. We offer a personalized approach and treat each customer as part of our extended family. After all, we still cherish the same values upon which our grandfather founded the company: high quality, excellent service, good value and fine craftsmanship.

We have our own lumberyard. We founded our own lumberyard in 1945. With 66 years of doing business in the construction materials industry, we have complete quality control over the materials we use on our projects. By sourcing our own lumber, we are able to ensure that every garage that we build is done so using the finest quality materials available today.

We focus on solid craftsmanship at affordable prices. The quality of our buildings is literally built in and shows at first glance. Whether you choose a standard design or have us custom craft a building to meet your specific needs, our workmanship is unsurpassed. Because we perform all the work, we have control over the entire project—from site preparation to framing and roofing. This enables us to do the work as inexpensively as possible without sacrificing quality.

We are not cookie cutter. Every project is designed and built to meet each customer’s specific needs, desires and budget. We offer some of the most cost effective standard designs on a variety of garage sizes, each engineered to minimize waste of time and material while maximizing durability and functionality.

We guarantee our work. One Day Garages offers a complete one-year warranty on all labor and materials. In addition, you will receive all applicable manufacturers’ warranties. Since we run our own lumberyard, we can help you with contacting manufacturers should a claim arise. The only things beyond our immediate control are local building codes and land conditions, both of which may have some effect on project cost but we work directly with our customers to help minimize these expenses whenever possible.


One Day Garages is proud to be a third-generation, family owned and operated business that continues to grow through each successive generation. Now operated by Shaun, Brian, Stephanie and Chad McConnell, the team at One Day Garages remembers its company’s humble beginnings.

“Our grandfather, Hugh McConnell, started the business with a lumberyard in his back yard in the 1940s,” Shaun recalls. Hugh worked to grow the company to support his wife and three children, George, Robert and Donn. While all three sons went on to be college educated, they each found themselves, one-by-one, working at the lumberyard their father had created. By the early 1970s, all three were working there full time, and they decided the company needed to expand; so in 1974, One Day Garages was born.

The brothers believed that with their ability to buy lumber directly from the manufacturer, they could erect custom-built garages for their customers at affordable prices and with the best quality products available.

The business grew slowly, selling just 20 garages in their first year. Then word began to quickly spread that this new garage builder in town was able to construct quality garages at affordable prices. Primarily through word of mouth, the company grew to become what it is today, an enterprise building nearly 400 garages per year.

The three brothers who founded One Day Garages still work at the company but are taking more of a supervisory role as they near retirement. They have made certain that the beliefs their father instilled in them have been passed on to their children, who are poised to take the reins as the third generation of McConnells to assume responsibility for the success of the companies.

The newest generation says that even though there are many things they hope to change and introduce, there are also many things that will always remain the same. “High end materials, although not as popular as they once were, will never be compromised,” says Chad McConnell. “High-quality products will never go out of style, and even as the price of products is a growing concern, quality will not be compromised.”

Today, with more family members in the business than ever before, the company continues to expand its sales territory, product offerings and services. One Day Garages can build nearly anything you can imagine, beyond freestanding garages or ones attached to a home or other structure. They have built everything from backyard barns and decks to room additions and airplane hangars. They have also built on unique terrain; the most interesting includes islands and sides of mountains. “Every day is a new adventure,” says Brian McConnell, who supervises concrete work for the company.

So what does it take for a family owned organization to survive in 21st Century? Ask the newest generation of McConnells and they’ll each give you a different answer, one as important as the next. For Shaun it’s the ability to remain humble and remember your roots. “Don’t get greedy,” he says. “We always remember that we are providing our customers with a service and each one, independent of their financial status or need, deserves a great deal on their garage. Simple economics teaches us that if we take small profits but do a large volume we are much better off in the end.”

For Chad, it’s all about the quality and service. “Our grandfather had a philosophy that if he carried the highest quality products he could find, and coupled that with personal and prompt service, people would take notice and continue to want to do business with him. That’s also our philosophy today. This includes hiring qualified personnel with personal training to ensure consistency.”

Today, One Day Garages provides quality custom-built garages, pole barns, backyard barns, and decks for their customers. With new products emerging every year, they change with the times. Chad says, “When our parents started building decks the only product they had was wood; the only variations were cedar, redwood, or treated lumber. Now there are so many composites, vinyl decking and railing, imported hardwoods, and treated materials, it’s hard to keep up,
but we stay knowledgeable for the consumer.”

Looking toward the future, the company plans to continue expanding its operations while maintaining its traditional family values that cares about the customers and communities they serve.


You and your crew rocks! I am so happy with my garage. I have been dreaming of it since 1989 and made it come true. I can’t thank you enough. —Theresa Wolfe Corbett, McDonald, PA

My garage looks great. It will be used a lot—and I do mean a lot, with five cars here, including my beloved ’69 Chevelle. Thank you. –Bill Garner, McKeesport, PA

The Kyle Memorial Pavilion at Harding Park has been built to our specifications and looks exactly how we envisioned it. The pavilion is now a much-needed addition to park, allowing more families and organizations to enjoy nature’s beauty. Thank you for a job well done and for making this memorial project a success. –Ray and Diane Kyle, Hubbard, OH

The One Day crew is very good. What a great company to work with! I am very pleased with my garage. –Ron Maggie, New Castle, PA

Great job! Even the cement contractor commented on how well built my garage is. Very satisfied. –Dave Cronk, Enterprise PA

We are very pleased with our garage and it was a pleasure doing business with you. –Jim and Debbie Humfleet, Struthers, Ohio

Good crew, good workmanship. Might need you again. –Gene and Jeff Sanders, Barberton, Ohio

The building went up quickly and efficiently. The crew was great, very polite, answered all my questions, and cleaned up after themselves. I will definitely recommend One Day to family and friends. –Mary Rogenski, North Jackson, Ohio

We are so happy we chose your company. All of the workers were very competent and the result looks great. –Fran Drake, Transfer, PA

Thanks for everything—your willingness to work with us, your patience with all the changes, just everything! We love the garage. We will recommend you whenever we an! –Medford and Sandi Mashburn, New Springfield, OH

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